Welcome to the Neighborhood Bible Study

Hosted/Led by Dwight Hazard

The Neighborhood Bible study had moved online during this Covid 19 crisis. We are using Zoom to connect to one another. If you are interested in joining us online, please contact Dwight at dw@ddhazard.org or text to 803-207-3049.

The primary purposes of this site and the neighborhood Bible study are the study of the Scriptures and learning how to study the Scriptures better. In the book of Acts the Bereans were credited with not just listening but studying.

" Now these (the Bereans) were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so." (Ac 17:11)

It is important for us to not only learn about what the Bible tells us from others but to search it out and to learn for ourselves what it teaches. Many people don't see the relevance the Bible has for us today since it was written so long ago in other languages. Adding the cultural, political and sociological differences between the Bible times and now only distances us further from it. But, the Scriptures are relevant for us and have application to our lives here in the 21st Century.

While this neighborhood study is informal and open to most anyone interested in learning more about the Bible, there is a lesson format along with goals. Questions and answers are a big part of the study time. There is no charge for this study and you only need to bring a Bible and something for note taking. If you don't have a Bible or are unsure what version/edition to bring, please contact me and we can discuss what may work best for you. Some people are interested in addtional study materials such as commentaries, dictionaries, etc, so we discuss those tools from time to time.

The Bible study meets each week and runs from 7:00pm until 8:30pm at my house on Downey street near Celanese and Mt. Gallant Road in Rock Hill, SC. We do break for holidays and typically for several months in the Summer. The study is not connected to a particular church or denomination and we strive to focus on what the Bible has to say verses what people think it says.

Please email me (preferred) at dw@ddhazard.org or call/text me at 803-207-3049 for more information or to "register" so that I know how many to plan for.

Gospel of Luke Topics

  • Intertestamental Period
    • Hellenization (Greek influence)
    • origin of the major players in the first century: Sadducees, Pharisees, Herodians, Romans, Zealots, etc.)
    • expectation of a messiah
  • Life of Christ
    • prediction and birth
    • ministry in Galilee
    • ministry in Jerusalem
    • death and resurrection

Bible study methods and tools will be integrated into the lessons of the book of Luke.

Leader's background information

It is a joy and a passion of mine to see others open the Bible and see for themselves what God is teaching. I consider myself to be a student of the Bible seeking to better understand its truths more and more each day.

My wife and I are members of an international inter-denominational mission and have served in Africa for most of the past 30 years. During our time in Africa and time serving here in the USA we have worked with a number of local church bodies and denominations. I have led Bible studies similar to this with semi-literate tradesmen, young and old missionaries, office staff as well as in adult Sunday School classes and other adult Bible studies. Participants have had diverse backgrounds that ranged from almost no Bible knowledge to having PhDs in theology, but all have had a desire to understand the Bible better.

The Bible is packed with golden nuggets that bless us as we take time to dig them out.